Summer is on its height and so is the warmness. We wish we could stay back in our homes in this summer but this is not possible. Females have their own job, either they are busy with their office routine or they have an upcoming event to join this summer. The major issues in summer season is what to wear so that one can stay fresh and lively in all the way. When it is summer females need to be very conscious of what they wear. They can either choose stylish light weight long gown or can go on with Hand Block PrintedHandmade items whatever it is it must look good and must suit your style.

Here are some tips which can keep you stylish and cool in summer:

  • Light colours – When it is high summer with full on heat light and florescent colour choices are best for females. This keeps them cool whole day long and let them stay away from sweat. This is because dark clothes like black easily attract sun rays and makes one feel hot from within. One must avoid wearing dark colours in summer.

  • Sleeves – We are often confused that whether to wear a sleeveless top or with sleeves in summer. The answer is both are suitable depending upon the fabric you choose. If you are outside under the sun you must choose wearing light clothes with sleeves so that you can keep your hands cover but if it is an occasion you may prefer sleeveless and stylish dress that can keep you cool in summer.  

  • Light weight – The weight of fabric has also a lot to do when it is hot summer. Light weight clothes do not stick to your body and keeps the circulation of air up to the mark. This can help you stay fresh and relax even in summer and thus light weight clothes are widely preferred in summer. 

  • Cotton – When it is about choosing a fabric for summer clothing nothing can be better than cotton fabric. Cotton have always been a suitable option for summer and this is because it is light weight and stylish. Cotton clothes come in various attractive colours and go on well with all occasions of summer. This can be a cotton t-shirts or even a traditional cotton sari. .

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