Women love jewellery because it enhances the way they look and feel about themselves. When buying jewellery online, one must be very careful not to get carried away with fashion trends and buy what we know will suit us. Women are often judged on the jewellery they wear, by others. Some are impressed, others will criticise. Men and women can always tell when the jewellery they are “trying on” or wearing is wrong, it is therefore essential to make the right choices. Look for something elegant and sophisticated, a piece that will compliment any outfit, try looking at Acqua London Jewellery.

When you are a style icon, you need to be very careful how you choose what you are wearing. As an inspiration to other women, you must make sure that you are wearing the right combination of jewellery and clothes. With the right choices, you can also impress without trying too hard. Here are a few simple tips you can try to look beautiful, elegant and stylish:

  • Simple dress, elegant jewellery – when attending an occasion where you wish to look elegant and unique, choose an outfit which you can wear a heavy necklace with. The jewellery will add an individual look to your fashion choice.
  • Heavy dress with delicate accessories – when wearing a “heavy” dress, your jewellery should be more delicate. Maybe a necklace with some small Semi precious stones or a string of pearls, or even just a beautiful pair of earrings.
  • Formal with elegance – when you are somewhere in a professional capacity, wear subtle jewellery with your clothes. A black suit with a decent pair of earrings and matching simple pendant, will always look good.
  • Gold – when you still need to go with a traditional look, jewellery incorporating Blue Chalcedony or Tanzanite Quartz, Aqua Chalcedony is still a very popular choice. It doesn’t have to look too formal. Even a gold chain with some stunning pearl earrings can go with any outfit.
  • Family jewellery – if you have family jewellery, then it is always a nice touch to wear this at a family occasion, such as a wedding where the description of “something old” or “something blue” may fit the jewellery (for example, a tiara or sapphire ring).
  • Go with fashion trends – wear jewellery that is in fashion, it may be the best way to compliment a more fashionable outfit. Although, don’t copy others, be unique.

So, if you are planning to look awesome and unique, and are concerned about your looks, choose what you wear wisely. Remember, the perfect combination of outfit andelegant accessories can make you become a style icon for other women.

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