When you purchase a piece of jewellery from Acqua London, we can only guarantee that it will be long lasting if you look after it.  We are all in the habit of sleeping with our earrings in, swimming with a suede bracelet on, or vacuuming with a long necklace hanging from our necks.  What happens, the earrings are uncomfortable and the stud may bend or the ear wire may come out, and you have just ruined or lost your favourite pair of earrings.  The same goes with swimming or showering in a faux suede bracelet, the suede will be affected by the chemicals and will loose it’s strength.  As for vacuuming or unloading a washing machine with a long necklace, well, hands/arms always get caught and the necklace invariably breaks!

Most of our jewellery is made from Thai Silver (higher silver content but softer than Sterling Silver) or Sterling Silver with or without 18 carat Gold Plating, Blue Chalcedony, Semi Precious Stones in some instances the Gold Plating is over Brass. 


We use semi-precious and sometimes precious stones, as well as man made quartz which offer our customers a wide range of colours and prices.


The jewellery is made with great care and whilst we are very careful that our suppliers provide a good quality product, accidents do happen.


Here is a short guide to caring for your jewellery:


  • To avoid tarnish and to enjoy your jewellery for longer, please keep your jewellery away from chemicals such as perfume, hairspray, body lotion and sun cream. We recommend that you do not keep your jewellery in the bathroom or wear your jewellery in the bath, shower or swimming pool.  Please take your jewellery off before bed and if possible, keep it dry and in an airtight container when not being worn. 


  • Please use a Silver Cloth to clean your jewellery.


  • All our freshwater pearls are real and will therefore “dull” if exposed to any chemicals, do not spray scent/perfume directly onto pearls and make sure that body lotion/sun cream is fully absorbed before putting your pearls on.


Enjoy your jewellery, and because you love it, make sure you care for it!